Courseguide Returns, Sort Of

Last night at around 4 AM, a fortuitous email was sent to a repressed blitz list, which I can only assume included all undergraduates at the College.The email? A link to a “hacked” version of the much loved SA Courseguide, lost in the internet aether for the past few months. While students are no longer able to post reviews on the site (purportedly temporarily,) the hacked version does allow them to view reviews from 2002-2010, giving all students ample ability to avoid those classes which might be deemed “traps.” The “Dartmouth Hacker Club” has taken credit for the reboot and seems to have time the rerelase to coincide with Spring Term class election, beginning this week.

For those curious, here is the link. Of course, you’ll need a Dartmouth login to access.

— Benjamin Riley