Convocation, welcome freshmen!

Today, about two hours ago, the College’s convocation ceremony was held in Leede arena. The ceremony, which is meant to bring the freshmen together and officially welcome them to the College, will feature speeches from President James Wright, Student Body President Travis Green ’08, and a keynote address from N. Bruce Duthu ’80, who is a Visiting Professor in the Native American Studies Program at Dartmouth.

Though no transcripts of the speeches are available online yet, once they are, I will post them on dartlog so that our readers may comment on them.

Some of our readers may remember that two years ago—my freshmen year—the student body president, Noah Riner ’06, gave a speech about character which ended up causing a huge stir when Riner dropped a line about Jesus Christ “dying on the cross for our sins.” Click here for the Review’s treatment of the matter at that time; perhaps this year’s speeches will give us all something to talk about too—when speeches of this sort are not branded as “controversial,” then they are often called something infinitely worse: boring.