Convocation, Part Deux

As Emily pointed out, earlier today Convocation took place in Leede Arena. The keynote speaker was Bruce Duthu ’80, former head of the Native American Program at Dartmouth. A few notes:

  • Travis Green (SA President) is hands down the worst public speaker I have ever had the misfortune of listening to. His speech was fine, as far as speeches at these sort of events go—lots of platitudes, but that’s to be expected. The problem lay in his delivery. He sounded like a cheap robot trying to ape another robot.
  • The keynote speaker, N. Bruce Duthu ’80, delivered a surprisingly good address on humility. It did contain a couple overlong anecdotes, but after Mr. Green’s disaster anything would have wowed.
  • President Wright took the opportunity to deliver a lengthy harangue on the history of race at Dartmouth, as a bonus he included his two cents on affirmative action.
  • The opening prayer was unintentionally funny as the College Chaplain, Richard Crocker, opened with the line, “God of Truth we are all smart, but we are not all wise.” Apparently Crocker forgot that Wright’s address last year was a diatribe against the idea of absolute truth.
  • Go here for the transcripts.

A more exacting look at the 2007 Convocation will follow in the next issue of TDR, the second of this Fall.