Congratulations on Your Acceptance to Vassar; Except Not

Welcome to Vassar! But not really…

Many high school seniors think the most unfortunate thing that can happen to them is a rejection from the college of their choice. In a recent gaffe, reported by the New York Times, Vassar College proved that there is one more level of ignominy.

On Friday the college sent notification to 122 of its early decision applicants that they had been accepted. There was only one issue – 76 of the students hadn’t been. In an error sure to become a horror story repeated by cautious guidance counselors and nervous parents, Vassar notified 76 students in error that they had been accepted when in fact they had not. An hour after the first notification the college did what they could to amend the error, apologizing to the students who were in fact denied and claiming the false notifications were the result of a computer error whereby a test letter was never replaced with an actual one. For some, the simple hand wash was not quite enough, as one student’s family is considering legal action on the grounds that the college’s word is binding. Whatever comes of the case, file this one under an admissions’ office’s worst nightmare.

–Benjamin M. Riley