Confederate Flag at Nebraska

A student at the U of Nebraska has created a stir by hanging a Confederate flag in his dorm window.

Most noteable, however, is the response of the school administration. They have asked him to take the flag down after a complaint was received, but agreed that he has the first amendment right to leave it up if he chooses.

“Chancellor Harvey Perlman and James Griesen, vice chancellor for student affairs, said they don’t like the message the flag sends, but that Montgomery has a First Amendment right to display the flag in his window.

‘I suppose that, as a landlord, we could say there’s to be no visible sign in any windows,’ Griesen said. ‘Then we’d be in a situation where someone wouldn’t be able to put up Christmas lights, or a Husker flag.'”

Amazing – a college administrator siding with common sense and the first amendment rather than charging the person with a bias incident, a hate crime, or holding 20 meetings on making sure everyone’s feelings are ok.