Committee Proposes Alcohol Policy Changes

The Social Event Management Procedures Committee’s proposed revisions to the College alcohol policy, revealed last night at an open forum, appear as a marked improvement over the current arcane system. The SEMP Committee is a collaboration between student leaders, including fraternity members, and administrators.

Under the new policy, the College would allow organizations to use keg beer for small events, without “registering” the kegs with various administration bureaucrats. Small events also would not be subject to intrusion by College safety officers. Greek leaders have often seen the “safety walkthroughs” more as an attempt to catch fraternities in technical violations of the rules than as a genuine effort to ensure safe events.

The rules for larger events, those with more than 80 students in attendance, would remain in place. But organizations would be able to register such parties at the last minute, a stark contrast with the current rules which penalize groups that fail to correctly anticipate attendance several days in advance.

The Daily Dartmouth has more details.