Comic Description (and Pictures)

It’s looking increasingly likely that the Daily D won’t be putting the aforementioned comic online. In the interest of bringing our readers as much news as possible on this front, here is Jake Baron’s ’10 description of the cartoon.

The central idea of the comic is that Dartmouth is now “outsourcing propaganda” to “somewhere in Asia,” where Ms. “Bone-Y-Ram” toils away “for Dartmouth Undying.” The comic depicts Ms. Lam’s face in a stereotypically Asian way, and the crudely drawn object representing Ms. Lam is unable to pronounce the English letter “L.” In the final frame, an object apparently representing a Dartmouth student asks “Who is Bone-Y-Ram,” to which an adjacent object replies, “Aonther self proclaimed hooker… I mean leader.”

Taking the piggy-backing one step further, I’m also fully endorsing Mr. Baron’s conclusion:

Though I agree with the anti-Board Packing sentiment that the comic expresses, and though it goes without saying that the artists have the right to publish such work, it goes equally without saying that the work is tasteless, nasty, obnoxious, petty, and offensive.

I reject this comic in the strongest possible terms. I can only hope that the artists’ extreme imbecility will not derail the valiant anti-Board Packing efforts of the more level-headed thousands, courageous leaders all, who fight day in and day out to maintain Democracy at Dartmouth.

The full post, here.

UPDATE: Someone just sent in pictures of the comic taken with their cell phone. They’re below the fold.

UPDATE 2: Katy O’Donnell’s mea culpa, here.