College to recognize Tubestock?

According to today’s Daily D, the College is debating whether or not Tubestock can be counted as a “school environment” in order to file sexual harassment charges against participants.

According to [sexual assault awareness chief and professional feminist Abby] Tassel, there are two types of sexual harassment — a direct verbal confrontation that she termed “quid-pro-quo,” and a hostile environment. Tassel said she sees the chanting at Tubestock as a hostile environment. To find sexual harassment illegal, however, it must occur in a workplace or school environment. The question is whether Tubestock is considered a school environment or not.

If it does accept the annual river rite as a “school environment” event, Dartmouth may put itself in a legal bind. Having taken responsibility for some of the goings-on, the College might be found liable for anything taking place at the officially out-of-favor aquatic carnival–a risk it is unlikely to accept. The unofficial festival, held on the Vermont side of the Connecticut River since the New Hampshire side is College-owned, has grown less elaborate in recent years as the alumnus who bore the hefty insurance costs withdrew his support for fear of legal culpability.