College Officially De-Recognizes SAE

Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Dartmouth chapter has recently been derecognized by the College.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Dartmouth chapter has recently been derecognized by the College.

On the afternoon of Thursday, February 4, Dartmouth’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity (SAE) was officially derecognized by the College. This marks the second fraternity derecognition at the college in the past year and the second under Hanlon’s tenure as president, following Alpha Delta’s derecognition last spring.  In comparison, only three fraternities were derecognized by the college in the twenty years prior, all of which have since been reinstated.

The fraternity had been under investigation by SAE’s national organization and the Hanover Police Department since the fall due to allegations of hazing.  The announcement marks the end of a one-hundred-eight-year-old institution at Dartmouth.

The move marks another point in a disturbing trendline mapped out by President Hanlon’s Moving Dartmouth Forward initiative.  In a report released last January as part of MDF, the steering committee suggested “that upon the de-recognition of an organization, it should not be allowed to return to campus, as either a residential or non-residential facility”. It is likely that the College will soon ask the house’s residents to find new living accommodations within the next few weeks.  The report also suggests that the College report “privately-owned residences that are derecognized” to the Town of Hanover to “ensure compliance with any applicable zoning and other laws” and, ominously, “acquire their facilities and repurpose them for the College’s residential, social and academic purposes.” Apparently, the College has no desire to hide its true intentions from the public and the Dartmouth student body.  

The Tabard, one of Dartmouth’s coeducational fraternities, was also put on suspension for three terms due to hazing violations.

  • John Whitney Crowley

    repurpose my ass! Jack Crowley ADPhi 1956

  • Knotty

    Greek lives matter

  • fribble

    Not only was there no due process in this, there was collusion between the College and the SAE National. The trustees of the fraternity are not going to let this “Snow-Justice” go down without a fight. AD ‘s trustees and The Tabard should team up and go to work on this and the students need to inform themselves as to what is really going on here. The College is absorbing private property and taking out the Greeks one by one.

    • piper60

      you’ve got that right. The persecution won’t end until all the student organizations are either destroyed or placed under the direct control of student life fascisti. The real enemy is democracy empowering students.

  • piper60

    It’s evidently OKto steal from “rich” white kidson bogus grounds in order to “move forward”toward some sort of Utopian ideal which all poweris invested in administrators and faculty committees, in which mere studentshave no voice. No wonder the democratization of the Regents had to be squelched- democracy can be SO inconvenient to well-meaning authoritarians when the hoi poloi prefer what they’ve got to the wondrous improvements their betters will enact.

    • piper60

      Perhaps the Student Lifers should be declared persona non grata anywhere on ca,pus. Shun the while rotten brood: don’t speak to them. don’t report to them and have your lawyers send then a “no trespassing warning letter-and if they try to force their way into student property, throw them out! Hiss them in the Halls, boo them in a coffee shop or restaurant. ” We don’t violate constitutional rights, nor tolerate among us those who do!

  • piper60

    Actually the Little Tin Gods are in the midst of repurposing Dartmouth itself from an excellent college to a more prestigious but less excellent research University.

    • piper60

      What’s excellent”about a research university?The evaluations of the tenure system and the publish or perish imperative made the German research universities easily remolded into mouth organs of Dr. Goerbbel’s anti-semitic aspirations.

  • piper60

    The bersturmbannfuhrersin the empty suits have decreed the death of uncontrolled student organizations. Their sins or lack of them have nothing to do with the case. They are guilty, guilty, guilty by definition-and the proposed forced confiscation of their properties merely the final piece of the process, like an SS firing squad it makes the sentamce of the “People’s Court irreversible.”

  • piper60

    SAE’s national office has repeatedly made the stupid blunder of cringing before self=appointed Thought Policemenfor trivial”offense”that somehow inflated to capital crimes as big as Moby Dickand only slightly less horrid than the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.Once you takr phony outrages seriously. You get more and more of them until The Herr Obersturmbannfuhrers think they have enough accumulated attacks and insults to go in for the kill!The proper response to the thought police is to laugh in their face and show them the door-or walk out yourself. Little tin God arbitrary and capricious authoritarianism is illegal in this country. W don’t have to take it-and shouldn’t volunteer!

  • piper60

    Is it even possible to NOThave violations for “hazing?”

  • piper60

    Perhaps the Greeks should “officially”de-recognizethe Gehein Stats OstShutz Staffel1Until it stopstryingto stomp out Freedom of Association