Clown Car

I have long been urging folks at the Free Press to get a sense of humor. It seems their pals at Why War have beaten them to it — but at least one Free Presser’s tight lips have begun to curl into a Grinchy smile.

Clint Hendler notes with girlish delight that “someone over at Why War sent out a gem of a prank blitz with a repressed recipient list to a few select dartloggers. The blitz concerns a false occupation of Parkhurst to pressure the school to take a position against a possible war with Iraq�They ought to be wiping the egg off their faces.” Chee! Now if that ain’t a corker!

So, is it time to push the baby birds out of the nest? Well, yes and no. The good news is that they’re loosening up a bit. The bad news is that they still don’t seem to get it. Yes, the prank was an expert piece of self-parody, but it’s hard to see why us ‘loggers should be embarrassed for assuming it was the Real McCoy.

Never before has this Laffy Taffy riddle seemed so pertinent:

Q. Doesn’t Dartlog’s credulity suggest that the anti-war movement (having by now pissed every drop of its credibility into the wind) is seen as capable of pretty much any meaningless, self-aggrandizing publicity stunt?

A. Yes. Also, Clint Hendler sounds like a ninety year-old man when he gets excited.