Chris Miller ’63 is STILL Riding on the Animal House Money Train

It seems that Pangolin Pictures is making a documentary about AD for the 30 year anniversary of Animal House. In order to complete the film and provide some current footage of his esteemed fraternity, Miller brought a camera crew to the party last Friday night. The documentary will be aired on the A&E Biography channel some time this summer and will feature interviews with current students, actors from Animal House, and members of Chris Miller’s AD era.

Apparently back in the day Miller was really sweet:

“We rebelled against all the goody two-shoes, well-behaved Dartmouth stuff that was going on and we pissed on the dean’s leg, you know?” he said. “There was a lot of guys talking about sports and cars and it was kind of Spartan I guess you would say.”

If you want to read more about how little AD has changed in four decades and about the atmosphere of Friday’s party, the article is in the Daily Dartmouth.