Choosing the Trustees

Alumni Council Trustee Nominating and Search Committee Chairman Julie Amstein Cillo ’92 defends the alumni Trustee selection process in today’s Daily Dartmouth. The process, she insists, is “independent” and uses no “litmus tests” to determine a candidate’s acceptability. “At no time is a member of the College administration present” as the committee chooses the official Trustee candidates, she says.

But two-thirds of the Alumni Council’s members are themselves part of the pro-College alumni establishment, being chosen by Dartmouth clubs, “official” minority organizations and by the Council itself. So representatives of the College need not be present to hold sway, as the Council is already solidly in the College’s camp.

Meanwhile, Paul Heintz ’06 says the problem with the alumni Trustee elections is that it forces alumni to make a decision and that it gives outsiders a fighting chance. He proposes instead that the process be made “more democratic,” as if that is an end in itself, to ensure the alumni cannot get uppity again and choose candidates he disagrees with.