Chateau Dartmouth 2003

>Date: 03 Oct 2003 10:55:16 EDT

>From: 04-Class-Council

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>Subject: Making Wine

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Ever thought: Hey – I wonder how those grapes get made into that fabulous Chianti I had for dinner last night. or – What is the chemistry involved in turning a sugar into an alcohol? or – I’d really just like to stomp on something…

then have WE the project for YOU!

Class Council is considering a project of wine making, bonding as a class over kiddie pools of grapes – but a lot more goes into the process than just crushing the grapes. There is chemistry and storing and of course testing the wine…

We’re looking for a group of dedicated individuals who are interested in taking this project to its full extent. Professor Gribble of the Chemistry department and Scott Stokoe of the Organic Farm have expressed interest in this project.

If you are interested in working on a committee, or just have comments (aye or nay) on the project, please blitz ’04cc’.