Censoring Pro-Lifers

Eugene Volokh is blogging about an arrest of anti-abortion demonstrators outside of an abortion clinic in Providence, RI, according to The Providence Journal.

Police there received a phone call about shouting at 8am (fair enough). They also received a call from two motorcyclists who objected to the “graphic nature and realism” of the protesters’ signs, which displayed the bodies of aborted children. Fifty bucks says no one objects to an Abercrombie ad, though.

Yes folks, in Providence, you can now call the cops when you are confronted with painful truths that are “graphic” and reflect “realism.” (Note to Self: Better be careful not to say anything bad about affirmative action there…)

(PS — Alas, the Supreme Court, in Hill v. Colorado, has unconscionably sanctioned the suppression of protesters outside of abortion clinics. Maybe a Chief Justice Scalia can undo this damage… and the damage of Roe v. Wade, while he’s at it.)