Catching up…

Since its been a while since I’ve been active, please indulge me as I address an old post regarding Blackboard.

Jesse raises concerns about the linkages between Blackboard and the SIS, which is Banner. In order to generate the class-lists you like, Blackboard taps into Banner. This also means that profs can limit access to their Blackboard site to those registered for the class. If something is available on Banner, and it might be useful to a prof, then it isnt hard to set that connection up. Since for a large class knowing a face might be useful, I don’t see the problem.

A more interesting feature is the fact that administrators can track “hits” on the items posted. This summer I randomly selected some of the readings we used to test this feature and it was fun to see who did the work a day or two ahead, and who was downloading for the first time in class.

Disclosure: I was a TA for Anthro 16, Secrecy & Lying this past summer. Between that and some other work, I’ve had a crash course on Banner, Blackboard and other such fun things.