Carter Bloviates

So Jimmy Carter, our one-time boob-in-chief, has received the Nobel Prize. (For peace; they don’t do one for silliness.)

In his comments, he called for a “prohibition of the death penalty, at least for children.” Curious. I guess the abortion advocate — whose own special assistant in the White House had argued (successfully, alas) for the legalization of abortion in Roe v. Wade — has now changed his mind on the matter. Well, if Jimmy Carter’s become a pro-lifer, we must be doing something right.

(PS — This contradiction was noted earlier today by Kathryn Lopez on National Review‘s “The Corner.”)

Carter also implicitly criticized Bush’s adoption of a doctrine of preemptive strike against terrorist threats. My money says Bush’s policies will save more lives than Carter’s ever did… But who am I to quibble with the Nobel Committee? After all, they honored this great peacemaker.