Carol Folt and the Media

A whirlwind of announcements and promises by the Board of Trustees have followed Wright’s notice of departure. The theme is this: it’s the community, along with Dartmouth’s higher-ups, that will choose our 17th President – and the decision-making process will be long and thorough. Yet, since Wright’s announcement, an emerging trend of favorable media has been issued by the College to positively portray Dean of Faculty and rumored Wright-acolyte Carol Folt. Here’s the latest from the Office of Alumni Relations:

Don’t miss Spotlight on the Classroom, a regional discussion series in spring 2008 for all alumni who’ve ever wondered what it takes to create the unequaled learning experience that is the Dartmouth classroom. Join Professor Carol Folt, dean of the faculty; another Dartmouth professor; and David Spalding ’76, vice president for Alumni Relations, for a conversation about the academic needs and experiences of Dartmouth students today.

Keep your eyes out for more of this kind of thing. Dartmouth doesn’t want to be the last Ivy to announce its first female President; more importantly, as the war with the alumni rages, the administration’s ideals for its next leader aren’t hard to surmise. Is the decision already made?