Buzzword: Fieldstock

The latest buzzword around campus this week seems to be “Fieldstock.”    Fieldstock is an annual sophomore summer tradition traditionally known as Tubestock in which students would build wooden rafts and use rubber inner tubes to float down the Connecticut River.  The town of Hanover required that any event on the Connecticut River must have a permit, making it illegal for students to hang out there for a sponsored event.  Creative, innovative students did not let this ruin their class bonding time, so the Class of 2008 came up with an alternative solution: Fieldstock.

Conan O’Brien put it best when he said at Commencement: “Under ‘The Conan Doctrine,’ I will re-instate Tubestock. And I will punish those who tried to replace it with Fieldstock. Rafting and beer are a much better combination than a field and a beer. I happen to know that in two years, they were going to downgrade Fieldstock to Deskstock, seven hours of fun sitting quietly at your desk. Don’t let those bastards do it.” 

The 2013 Class Council has organized fun events include a volleyball tournament, chariot races, BBQ sponsored by Stinson’s, tug-of-war, a jello eating competition, team awards for previously mentioned events, followed by the indie rock band Rocco DeLuca and the Burden to end the culminating experience that takes place every sophomore summer.  The Fieldstock Kick-Off Party starts next Friday, August 12th, at the Chieftain Inn with shuttle buses going back and forth from the College.  There will be a water slide, snow cone machine, and a chance to watch your classmates get dunked in the dunk tank.

Special thanks to 2013 Class Council for their hard work in organizing a week of leisure and entertainment for fellow classmates.  

Melanie Wilcox