Budget Battle Looms: Will Congress Kick the Can Again?

Join the AEI On Campus discussion on Thursday from 4:00-5:00 PM.

The annual US budget debate has been a battle of partisan differences in recent years, with no plan in sight for reconciling deficits and revenues and for placing the country on a sustainable fiscal path. The terms “government shutdown,” “fiscal cliff,” and “sequestration” have become part of the national vernacular. As we approach 2014, will the new Paul Ryan–Patty Murray budget conference committee be more successful than the supercommittee of 2011? Will both sides dig in their heels, or will public pressure force a breakthrough?  

In this live and interactive Virtual Town Hall from the American Enterprise Institute, AEI scholars Alex Brill and Kevin A. Hassett will preview the next budget battle exclusively for AEI’s campus audience. Dartmouth students can tune in for a chance to chat with top AEI economists on screen or on camera.

Weblink: http://www.aei.org/events/2013/11/21/budget-battle-looms-will-congress-kick-the-can-again/

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  • michael f mccarthy

    News Flash! The President has decided to put-off the Individual Mandate along with the Employer Mandate until after the next election. This way, 129 million Americans will only have their insurance company to blame when they lose their insurance coverage. Why would insurance companies delay cancelations for just one year when they are going to lose these customers any way? The Obamacare Web Site is not the problem; these policies are the problem. People will not buy insurance that costs twice as much as their current policies. Mostly the sick, old and disabled will sign up for the subsidized State Exchange or Medicaid policies. And, in two years, when the Individual and Employer Mandates kick-in, these policies will cost four or five times as much. Healthcare will consume at least 10% of everyone’s pay, pension or welfare check. There will not be enough money to subsidize anyone because health care will consume half of the federal and state budgets. Everyone will end up on one policy: Obama-caid; primary care with rationed catastrophic and End of Life care. Rather than delay Obamacare, we need to replace it, NOW, before it’s too late.