Bucs Coach John Gruden on the Ivy Leaguers


On Lawrie:

�He came to our facility 10-12 days ago,� revealed Gruden. �He�s a big tight end, a productive tight end from Yale. He is the son of a football coach. He is a very productive pass receiver and has real interesting range in terms of his growing potential.

He�s a little bit over 6-6 and he has some work to do in the weight room with Garrett Giemont, but he carries 263 pounds easily. He runs around 4.8 (seconds in the 40-yard dash) and he�s a very productive pass receiver and a guy we need on the line of scrimmage and as a blocker. We need that considering Ken Dilger and Rickey Dudley are coming off injuries and we will see where Dave Moore is in the pads this fall. We felt like we needed to add a young tight end to the mix.�

On Cramer:

�He�s a 245-pound tight end/fullback, who we will use as an H-Back player,� said Gruden. �We will place him in a three-point stance in the backfield. He will also work on the line of scrimmage as a tight end. He was a very productive player from the Ivy League and he left a real good impression at the East-West Shrine game earlier this year.�