Breaking News: Carol Folt to Depart for UNC


It appears that the administrator formerly known as Interim President Folt will be departing the College for the far sunnier and warmer climes of North Carolina. UNC Chapel Hill has been searching for a replacement for the current chancellor Holden Thorp. Dr. Thorp will be moving to Wash U in St. Louis in order to become a provost. What a beautiful coincidence.

President Carol Folt formerly known as Interim President Carol Folt formerly known as Provost Carol Folt.Carol Folt will be the first woman to lead UNC Chapel Hill, which according to this recent article from The Charlotte Observer, has a 58% female student body. Apparently, the search committee and the leaders spoke “glowingly” of their choice who sources have confirmed will be Dr. Folt.

Clearly the UNC leaders did not interview many Dartmouth students before arriving at a decision. I wish that it could be said that it will be a sad day when Dr. Folt leaves after nearly 30 years at the College, but I believe most students will join with me in agreeing that it will be a glad day instead. After her tenure as Interim President, few students remain defenders of the once admired professor as could be seen by the satirical twitter accounts that mocked Dean Johnson, President Folt, and the Dartmouth GLOS office.

–J.P. Harrington


Note: An earlier version of this referred to both Dr. Thorp and Dr. Folt as Mr. and Ms. respectively. This was inaccurate and so has been corrected. No disrespect meant to either – especially as we here at The Dartmouth Review far preferred Dr. Folt when she was a professor and not an administrator.