Bonnie Lam: I have a deeper personal relationship with Molly Bode.

The Daily D also has an article up about the competing student petitions and their (apparently) chaotic status. There is confusion about all sorts of things:

  1. Is Dartmouth Undying paying for the mailing of the Lam Petition? Lam claims they are, as does Martha Beattie ’76, a member of Dartmouth Undying. Doug Keare ’86, another member of Dartmouth Undying, told the Daily D, “There is a student group generating a letter, and we are aware of that, but we are not funding it, and it is up to the students.”
  2. Has Molly Bode ’09, the new SA President, signed the Lam Petition? According to Lam, yes she has—but Bode denied signing any petition.
  3. What is SA’s proper role in the lawsuit dispute? Previous president Travis Green told the Daily D, “I don’t think SA should be involved in this issue,” he said. “I don’t think it is the right place for it.” Yet current president Molly Bode has not been shy in making it clear that she opposes the current lawsuit.
  4. Finally, the one thing that is clear: Bonnie Lam has a deep personal relationship with Molly Bode. “I have a deeper personal relationship with Molly Bode than with these other people that I’ve gotten signatures from,” Lam said. “I know she’s fine having her name attached to this.”