Board Lifts Ban on New Greek Houses

The Board of Trustees has lifted its six-year moratorium on new fraternities and sororitie, a dramatic shift in policy away from the unpopular Student Life Initiative. Because it appeared to reinforce the administration’s perceived anti-fraternity policy, the ban was viewed as among the most notorious of the Initiative’s provisions.

The board accepted a recommendation by Dean of the College James Larimore that the moratorium on the addition of new single-sex, residential and selective organizations the trustees had adopted in 2001 be lifted. The action acknowledges the progress made by the Coed, Fraternity and Sorority System over the past five years in meeting new standards of excellence, and recognizes recent requests for a new sorority. The board vote returns to the dean the responsibility for determining whether new organizations should be granted recognition.

This change in theory permits the establishment of a long-desired seventh sorority and, notably, the re-recognition of Zeta Psi fraternity, which was kicked off campus in 2001 and not allowed to regain official standing because of the ban.

Does this spell the end of the Student Life Initiative?