Blitz Mail terminals threatened or thriving?

How quickly glory fades. Barely a week since S.A.’s surprisingly stealth-like replacement of the aged blitz terminal computers, the fruits of our representatives’ labor are beset by food spills, as they explained in an email to campus. However large and shiny the new chat boxes may be, it turns out none are immune to having food spilled on them, causing a few too many of the terminals located near an eatery to quickly become inoperable.

This has not blunted any of the S.A.’s overwhelming initiative. In fact, the further spread of the milky-white eMacs to locales that have never known them is checked only by the question of when, not if, the money will be spent. There are plans to eventually bandage up the recently wrecked computers, but everybody understands it’s more fun to add new machines than it is to maintain the existing stock.

In the meanwhile, why not jump on the bandwagon and participate in the noble process yourself? Send S.A. any and all ideas as to where a few new blitz computers might improve your community experience, and don’t hesitate to be self-serving.