Blitz Changeover Leaves Much to Be Desired

Today was Blitzageddon for the sophomore class, with accounts transferring over to B2B and ideally bringing old blitz messages with them. However, the tone of conversation indicates that a great many people are experiencing problems with the new system, with messages not coming over, servers timing out rapidly, or the entire program simply not working. The author cannot comment directly because as for himself, he can’t even log into the new Blitz and the link for help merely sends him to the computer help desk which is currently closed. Regardless of whether errors reflect technical shortcomings or simply technological ineptitude by students, clearly the transition has not been as smooth and simple as hoped.

Still, the school deserves credit for using sophomore summer as a test run for switching over the whole campus, as hopefully the same problems will mostly be avoided in the fall when they could be more consequential. And if more problems occur, hey, at least we’ll always have Bored at Baker.

–Blake S. Neff