Blatherforce: Busted!?

Review associate, the Rev. John Buckholz, has found Blabberforce’s smoking gun. Seems a few chaps from Babson founded their own Blabberforce with a slightly different purpose: “Our mission is to be the college market’s first student owned and operated marketing company providing the most effective network of BlabberMouths marketing internally throughout college campuses.”

It appears they had this game first.

But: As John wrote in his yet-unpublished letter to the Daily Dartmouth, Kabir and Brent may have a reasonable excuse.

If they do not, John points out quite rightly: “That’s odd: a group that wants to raise Dartmouth’s prestige is also guilty of copyright infringement and plagiarism. This is the model we want to follow?”

If they have permission, I’d like to hear all about it. I’ll even print Kabir’s and Brent’s reply right here. They can send it to or

Brent, Kabir: We’re waiting.

(Grossman adds: yes, we know it’s not copyright infringement. Potentially, it could be a trademark dilution issue, though…)

(Gorsche adds: A whole new ballgame with dilution. Either way, it’s certainly plagiarism, assuming Babson’s Blabber boys haven’t given permission…we’ll see)