“Bitchy Girl” Power

Phi Tau coed fraternity is hosting an event tonight which it bills as the “Bitchy Girls Thursday Night Tavern.” Girls who attend are expected to wear short skirts and “too much makeup.”

The full invitation:

Date: 13 Jan 2005 17:47:37 EST

From: Christiana E. Toomey

Subject: TAU: bitchy girls tavern!

To: phi-tau-announce@Mac

Sick and tired of having other people tell you how mean you are, when it’s not your fault that you’re just better than everybody else?

Do your friends not appreciate your commentary about their brand-new Ugg boots being “so last year?”

If so (or even if not), come have fun with us tonight at our study break:

Bitchy Girls Thursday Night Tavern

What to wear:

-short skirts (you’re not showing off your body; it’s just so hard to deal with being more beautiful than the average guy/girl)

-tank tops/camisoles/other “right-to-bare-arms” attire (even though it’s going below freezing!)*

-too much makeup

-anything that shows everybody how much better you are (shirts that say “the princess of quite a lot” “diva” “angel” etc.)

-your attitude!!!!

We’ll be serving


-sugar-free soda

-WOW! chips… er, I mean Dorito’s (if you dare!)**


Ground rules:




These rules shall be enforced.

Only at

Phi Tau

31 N. Main St.

10-11 pm TONIGHT!!!!

The Brick BARN with the PHI and TAU on the front ***

*if you do choose the slightly fewer clothing options we strongly suggest you wear layers over them, as we don’t really want you to get sick.

also: we swear, this attire is gender-neutral.

**apparently they don’t even SELL WOW! chips anymore, because they were made with a synthetic fat that gave people… problems.

** you need to NOT go in the “front door.”

Continue up Main Street (like you’re walking to Dick’s House) until you see the handicapped ramp leading to the back door of the house… yep, that’s for you.

See you here! 😉