Best Class Ever

Last weekend was the homecoming football game. With Dartmouth up 16-0 at halftime, the freshman class decided to indulge in one of Dartmouth’s cherished homecoming traditions.

Every year, someone from the freshman class has to risk arrest and rush the field at halftime. Otherwise, the class in question will be known as ‘the worst class ever.’ Two years ago, the class of ’13 was rightly condemned to this status, as no one rushed the field or touched the fire, another homecoming tradition.

Last year, a respectable few ‘14s rushed. This year, the class of 2015 truly earned its title as ‘best class ever,’ mustering what has to be a record 40 or so runners. Writing as one of the participants, I can safely say it was legendary. Not only did we run across the field, but we came back. So intimidated were the Hanover Police and S&S officers that they didn’t even try to stop us. So who were the natural born leaders of men who managed to conjure such participation? Some credit a hard core group of lightweight rowers, but who knows…after all, it’s only speculation.