Back on the Web

Winter blues got you down? Stuck indoors with this interminable weather? Sick of watered-down journalism?

Boy, do I have a remedy for you: Not one, not two, but THREE new issues of The Dartmouth Review online. Why have they not gone up sooner, you ask? Because we’re lazy? Well, yes, but also becau–no, we are lazy.

Issue ONE: TDR’s annual Review of Books, featuring the Metrosexual Guide to Style and Laura Ingraham’s Shut up and Sing. Also on-campus events like Wright’s five-year report, candidates on campus, a Democrat debate, the alumni constitution that failed, and Indian sports.

Issue TWO: TDR’s Primary Issue, featuring articles on professor political donations, their political affiliations, Kucinich explains space-based mind control, Robert Haines update, Zell Miller Book Review, and the return of Barrett’s mixology under newly annointed Mixologist G. Rollo Begley. Plus the bellicose MLK keynote speaker, the Comedian of the Year, SexEd training, Michael Moore, and PJ O’Rourke.

Issue THREE: Hot off the presses as of two days ago: Why you should hate the BuzzFlood (more than you already do), the truth behind the student-arranged debate, Deaniac for a Day, David Brooks, the SexEd festival, AND Primary Night in Manchester featuring on-site coverage from the HQ of Kucinich, Dean, Kerry, and Robert Haines. As a final bonus, Editor Emeritus J. Lawrence Scholer’s Paean to Youth: The Consequences of Conservatism.

We’ll keep all the issues on the main page for a few days before tossing the first two in the archives.

Happy reading.