Great Bill Simmons column today on this stupid debate surrounding female members at Augusta.

What annoys me most about this is when the New York Times calls on Tiger to boycott the Masters next year because of this. Why does it have to be Tiger, why are they not calling on Phil or Ernie or any of the other top players to boycott? Could it possibly be because they assume that since he is black that he automatically agrees with them? Few things annoy me more than journalists who call on athletes to be more political. Witness all the columns urging to Michael Jordan to do more for the Gantt campaign against Jesse Helms is ’96 or the deification of Muhammed Ali that has certainly been aided by the fact that his political views meshed nicely with liberal views of the ’60s and ’70s. Much like actors and other celebrities, who cares what they have to say. Just let them play the damn game.