Association to file Lawsuit; Spalding still a Lapdog

The Association of Alumni announced late last night that they would file a lawsuit against the Board of Trustees requesting an injunction. The injunction would prevent the board from seating any new charter members. The vote was 6-3 in favor of the injunction—no points for guessing where David Spalding voted.

The Association’s Executive Committee believes that the selection of one-half of the trustees by Dartmouth alumni remains vital to ensure Dartmouth College’s progress, prominence, and usefulness as America’s finest undergraduate College. Alumni selection of trustees encourages Dartmouth alumni to take a lively interest in the College’s affairs and to devote their attention to its needs; ensures that the College benefits from the advice and experience of its great body of successful graduates; and ensures that those who love Dartmouth the most—its sons and daughters—have responsibility for its future.

The Executive Committee believes it has a duty to act in the best interests of Dartmouth College and its alumni, and it believes that it can best serve those interests by seeking a judicial opinion as to the propriety of the board’s planned governance changes, and by ensuring to the greatest extent possible that the responsibility of alumni for Dartmouth College’s governance is not diminished.