Asch Defeated in Landslide

John Replogle ’88 defeated Joe Ash ’79 by a sweltering margin of 14,176 to 5,823, garnering more than 70 percent of the vote. The Association of Alumni results are similar. Had the numbers been the other way around, I’m sure we would already be hearing that excessive negative campaigning had confused alumni, that Stephen Smith’s letterhead had hoodwinked Dartmouth graduates into voting for a racist misogynist, and that Asch was supported entirely by a shadowy cabal of ’11 Review editors, Zionists, and the French tax clerk that he’s secretly bank rolling as part of a sordid gay love triangle.

Luckily for the chattering folks at the Alumni Relations office and the pages of certain other objective publications, the Good Guys won. This day marks a victory for democracy and good governance.