Articles of the Day, 12/8/10

We here at The Dartmouth Review are pleased to announce the beginning of a new feature here on our website: the Article(s) of the Day. Whenever a new issue Review Logois completed, we’ll put an article up on the website each day until the PDF of the issue is available in our Back Issues section. If you’re not willing to wait for a print issue to arrive at your door—or if those of you on the West coast are tired of the pages yellowing by the time the issue gets to you—you can also e-mail to subscribe to our electronic distribution list.

Now, we have two articles from our recently completed Christmas issue for you today:

First, we have an examination of Dartmouth’s response to the attention that sexual assault has been receiving in “Dartmouth Punts on Sexual Assault” by Svati Narula ‘13.  We also have a look at “Dartmouth’s Newest Buildings” by Benjamin Riley ‘13. Editor-in-chief Charlie Dameron also editorializes on Dean Sylvia Spears’s subpar efforts at crafting a new sexual assault policy for Dartmouth in “A Unique Opportunity for Greek Leadership.

Get to reading. There’ll be more tomorrow!

Sterling C. Beard