Arielle Farber Responds

The following comes from Arielle Farber, a co-sponsor of the pro-Israel resolution, who was — predictably — misquoted in The Dartmouth. I’ve never been so happy to be corrected.


You wrote:

That being said, a sponsor of the resolution said this:

[Arielle] Farber [’03] also said that the phrase “struggle against terrorism” is meant to condemn the suicide bombings which have harmed or killed American citizens visiting Israel.

And what about the suicide bombings that have harmed or killed Israelis? Does the resolution condemn that? Do their murderers not deserve condemnation as much as the murderers of Americans do? All people are equal, you see; but — even for the sponsors of a pro-Israel petition — all people are more equal than the Israelis.

As you guessed, I was misquoted. Not only did the D attribute something that Michele Nudelman [the resolution’s co-sponsor] said to me, mislabel DIPAC as the Dartmouth Israel Political Action Committee when it is actually a non-political organization called the Dartmouth Israel Public awareness Committee, but they also ommitted half of the

sentence I said in regards to terrorism in Israel. What I actually said was that the struggle in which Israel and the US are engaged, that against terrorism, is meant to condemn attacks that both Americans and Israelis have tragically come to understand through suicide attacks in both countries, including a recent bomb at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem that killed innocent Israeli and American college studenst just like us. In no way did I mean to imply that the loss of American life is any more tragic than the loss of Israeli life, or the loss of any life for that matter. All terrorism is condemned by the resolution.

I hope that helps clarify my position.