Anyone pro-oppression out there? Didn’t think so…

>Date: 02 Apr 2003 21:41:57 EST

>From: Eva L. Vivalt

>Subject: anti-oppression

>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

What do you feel are the main sources of oppression today?

Are you looking for fair trade?

Want alternatives to sweatshops?

Believe in closing the gap between men and women’s education worldwide?

Talk about it. Then act upon it.

A bunch of us are trying to start a campus group to address some anti-oppression issues. We’re going to try to get this together and determine scope (really, whatever people bring to the table) and talk about possible events at a first meeting this Thursday at 8pm in the hyphen (inside lounge between russell sage and butterfield.

Come on out… be heard… lead… discuss… help out.