Another Trustee Candidate

Peter Robinson ’79, a television host, author and former Reagan speechwriter who composed the famous 1987 Berlin Wall speech, has also announced his candidacy as a write-in candidate for Trustee. He has established a website to outline his platform:

As a trustee, I’d devote myself to three issues: excellence in undergraduate education, freedom of speech on campus, and a restoration of the Dartmouth athletic program, now sunk in mediocrity, to its traditions of spirited achievement. Dartmouth, I believe, must build on its own immense and distinctive strengths?not become a second-rate Harvard or Yale.

Robinson’s platform, like that of fellow write-in candidate Todd Zywicki ’88, is strongly opposed to the failures of the current Dartmouth leadership.

A year after enraged alumni elected a write-in Trustee candidate in a rebellion against the College’s status quo, there are now two write-in candidates offering a similar critique. The administration should take note.

Alumni who seek to put Robinson on the March ballot should sign his petition.