And the Winners are…

The winners in the Association of Alumni election have been announced. In the end it was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of the petition candidates’ success, though I would say they came out on top. Here are the victors along with their vote totals; those marked with an asterisk were petition candidates:

Executive Committee Officers
William Hutchinson ’76 (8,093)

First Vice President
Kate Aiken ’92 (9,997)

Second Vice President
Frank Gado* ’58 (8,254)

David Spalding ’76 (8,288)

Executive Committee Members
Cheryl Bascomb ’82 (5,832)
Martin Boles* ’80 (5,320)
David Gale* ’00 (5,529)
Timothy Dreisbach* ’71 (6,636)
Alexander Mooney* ’93 (4,985)
Marjory Grant Ross* ’81 (5,651)
Kathryn Flitner Wallop* ’80 (6,993) [nominated both by AoA and petition]

The petition candidate for president, Dean Spatz ’66, lost by roughly 600 votes but the other two petition candidates for officer petitions weren’t even in the running, losing by thousands of votes. Considering how petition candidates fared in earlier elections, it’s safe to say that the change to all-media voting was the decisive factor in this election.