An anniversary celebrates its one-year anniversary today! Dartlog was, so far as I know, the first Dartmouth-centric weblog on the ‘Net.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, and keep it up. Things have been a bit light for the past couple weeks (with the exception of Mr. Flickenger, who’s on the ball, sports-wise), but there is, after all, a war on.

This is also the one-year anniversary, give or take a week, of the new Dartmouth Review website. The plan, a year ago, was to automate the whole site, which we did, and then to replace its design with something less ugly, which we did not do. Until now. gets a new look today, based on the style that’s been in use on Dartlog since the new year. It loads a lot faster (75% faster, by my measurements, for the home page), looks a lot better in standards-compliant browsers, and should be a bit less buggy. For those who care (probably no one), the new site is completely valid XHTML 1.0 styled with CSS2.

For those who care (probably no one), this is the kind of thing that gets done only when one is procrastinating from writing a paper due at 10 the next morning (on public sector cash management)…

Ne cede malis!