An Alumnus on Webster Ave At Last

Today, the Chair of the Dartmouth Board of Trustees announced to the student body that the 18th President of Dartmouth College had finally been selected.

It was with great trepidation that many students opened the email, only to be happily surprised that Interim President Carol Folt was indeed not the next choice. After the initial hurrah, however, it appears that the choice was not quite what people had expected. The Board of Trustees chose Phil Hanlon ’77, a provost and professor at University of Michigan. Rumors of such big name alumni as Geithner, Paulson and Immelt had been a feature of campus gossip for years.

The future residence of President Hanlon

Yet, we here at The Dartmouth Review remain cautiously optimistic. After all, this is the first alumnus who has served as President of The College in 25 years. After the whirlwind arrival and departure of President Kim, it’s about time we had a staid, dedicated and responsible President. Maybe we’ll even see him walking around The Green upon occasion…


–JP Harrington