Over the break, I re-read Wolfe’s A Man in Full. Within it, there is an amusing section (well, I thought the whole book was amusing) about African-American leaders and their horror with the gay rights movement being equated with the civil rights movement. This came to mind when I saw that the Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire would be in Hanover as part of the MLK Day Celebrations.

Community Lunch with the Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson

Connecting the ISMs: Finding a Way into Dr. King’s Wisdom

Conversation with the Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire. Light lunch provided. Seating is limited.

12 noon, Collis Common Ground

I would be curious to know how often the previous inhabitant of this see came to campus and/or how often the Catholic bishop has visited Hanover. It strikes me that Bishop Robinson has already appeared a few times since his elevation.