Dartmouth’s Greek Life Makes Newsweek

The cover of Newsweek's most recent issue.

The cover of Newsweek‘s most recent issue.

In last week’s edition of Newsweek, editors Abigail Jones ’02 and Alexander Nazaryan ’02 published an article on the issue of binge drinking at top colleges across the country. Although it includes a few anecdotes of alcohol-related problems at other schools, the vast majority of the article is devoted to the Dartmouth Greek system and the prevalence of pong within it.  It includes a detailed history of the College’s favorite drinking game and a discussion of its evolution from basic ping-pong to its alcohol-centric cousin.

The article makes some good points about the dangers of binge drinking, but as with most recent press coverage, it tends to portray excessive consumption as a problem unique to Dartmouth rather than one affecting institutions nationwide. This sort of bias is to be expected from most media sources, but it is disappointing to see that relatively recent alumni of the College were unable to resist the trend of Dartmouth-bashing.

The full article can be read here.