Ambassador Young

In an op-ed in today’s Daily Dartmouth, Kabir Seghal ’05 writes, “Ambassador Young has spent more than 35 years in public service. President Jimmy Carter appointed Andrew Young as the United States Ambassador to the U.N. He was forced to resign in 1979 after it became known that he had met with a member of the PLO. Today America negotiates with both Israelis and Palestinians. Mr. Young was 20 years ahead of us.”

Wait, wait… So by cavorting with the PLO when they made no pretense to hide their bloodthirsty aims (rather than now, when they do), he is ahead of his time? Let’s not forget that he was under strict orders not to contact the PLO. When it became public, he lied about the contact, and for this, was fired by Secretary of State Cyrus Vance.

You know, I guess he was ahead of his time. He was fooled by Arafat long before most other liberals were.