Amazing Hypocrisy

The University of Houston has an extraordinarily miserly approach to free speech (scroll down the page to find the part on this university). Administrators there had refused to allow Cougars Pro-Life, a student group, to erect a pro-life display on the campus’s central plaza because it was outside of the “free speech zone” (i.e., the censorship zone). Cougars Pro-Life have fought, with success, in the courts, but the University is fighting back. (One administrator even testified that he would deny permission to a person holding a small sign saying, “the world is a beautiful place.”)

Well, it seems that, at the University of Houston, they believe in the principle of “free speech for me, but not for thee.” The University okayed a gay rights rally outside of the “approved” areas. Their justification? The rally was a “university-sponsored event,” whereas the Cougars Pro-Life display was a “student-sponsored event.”

Can you believe it?