Alumni: Vote this weekend

Noah Riner ’06 explains what’s at stake in this weekend’s special Alumni Association election:

The proposed amendment would change this requirement, allowing all-media voting so that alumni can vote regardless of their geography. This is a very sensible change that should have been enacted years ago.

However, the catch is that this no-brainer change has been bundled with a highly contentious one: reducing the majority required to amend the constitution from three-fourths to two-thirds. The most immediate consequence of the two-thirds amendment is that it will make the passage of a new constitution — and the concomitant merger of the Alumni Council and Alumni Association — easier.

So the Association leadership, unable to pass its revised constitution under the existing rules, has simply decided to change the rules, and in a devious manner to boot.

They’re doing all this in order to ram through a new constitution that replaces the existing bad institutions with new and worse institutions. A series of amendments, voted on individually, would do a better job and accomplish real reforms.

It’s up to the alumni in Hanover this weekend to do the right thing.