Alum Inducted to Veterans Hall of Fame

The Normandy landings, where Hunt fought. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)


Yesterday, Robert C. Hunt ‘46 was inducted into the Connecticut Veterans Hall of Fame in a public ceremony in the Atrium of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

Hunt, who left Dartmouth to fight in WWII and participated in D-Day, will be in good company. Other inductees include former president George H. W. Walker Bush and six Medal of Honor recipients.

After the War, Hunt carried on in a number of activities, including graduating from the University of Connecticut Law School and serving on the Avon Board of Education for nearly three decades amongst other things. Quite an impressive record, especially since he has remained a loyal Son of Dartmouth, having donated for 60-69 years according to the Dartmouth College Fund Honor Roll. He deserves all the honor he has gotten.

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