Do you honestly think that if the school divested in tobacco, then the schools endowment would end up in cash? I can understand saying that for the sake of proving the point that the endowment would be unbalanced in terms of its moral judgements, but we all know that a line would be drawn somewhere and that the endowment would continue to invest in some stocks that some people find morally questionable.

Do I generally oppose speech codes? Yes, but I do so because they tend to be imposed at schools like Dartmouth that claim to guarentee free speech. Do I generally oppose restrictions on gun rights? Yes, but I do so because I think that armed citizens are a better deterrant than the threat of prison (don’t pretend you haven’t read John Lott). In the case of gun control, though, the slippery slope holds some weight because there are people who honestly do want to completely ban guns and have said as much. Nobody is arguing for the complete divestment of the Dartmouth endowment.