Admins Afraid of Unscripted Questions

The Student Assembly, fresh off its latest scandal, is hosting a “town meeting” next Monday with administration officials. President James Wright, Dean of the College James Larimore, Dean of the Faculty Carol Folt and Provost Barry Scherr will take pre-approved questions from the audience.

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 21:30:18 -0500

Subject: Questions Needed!

From: Dartmouth Town Meeting

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Students, want to witness the start of a new Dartmouth tradition?

Student Assembly Proudly Presents:

The Dartmouth Town Meeting

..\\\Monday, February 7th…7pm…Alumni Hall///…

Calling upon the rich heritage of New England, the Dartmouth Town Meeting will bring students and administrators together on Monday, February 7th in Alumni Hall to discuss several issues facing the College today. Moderated by the Student Assembly, a panel consisting of President James Wright, Dean of the College James Larimore, Dean of Faculty Carol Folt, Provost Barry Scherr, and other members of the administration will discuss the current state of affairs at Dartmouth and field questions from the audience.

All students present will also be asked to cast a ballot in our first Town Meeting referendum!!

***If you would like to be pre-selected to ask a question during the Town Meeting, reply with:



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Let your voice be heard! Cast your vote on important student issues! And help start a Dartmouth Tradition!

Though this pretense of openness is better than the absolute secrecy which has for so long plagued College governance, more could be and should be done.