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Date: 04 May 2004 17:24:26 EDT


Subject: JUST DO IT!!!!

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Fair Trade Day Events


Dartmouth Greens present NATIONALLY RENOWNED speakers Jim Keady and Leslie Kretzku in their ACCLAIMED, MULTIMEDIA, INTERACTIVE lecture:

Sweatshops and Social Justice: Nike In Indonesia-A Case Study.

Ever wonder how your Nike’s were really made and by who? Confused about all the anti-sweatshop and fair trade hype? Come hear the story of two people who WILLINGLY lived as sweatshop workers and see if you still want your Air Force Ones….

**Friday May 7th***

**105 Dartmouth Hall***

**7 PM***

No need for tickets because we’re cool like that-plus free Jewel of India.

Followed by…

** F A I R T R A D E c O f f Ee H o U sE ***

* SoulScribes poetry SLAM and open mic *

** 9pm Collis Cafe ***