A Royal Wedding for the New Generation

This morning, Prince William of Wales married Catherine “Kate” Middleton at Westminster abbey in London Prince William and Kate MiddletonEngland. The wedding was a distinctly British and Royal affair. The trotting life guard, the glittering gold gilded carriages, the spitfire flyover and all the other pomp was done quite tastefully. Despite the prominently displayed historical traditions of the monarchy, this seemed to be a very modern affair. The T.V. coverage, crowds waving union jacks in front of Jumbotrons, and play-by-play commentary made this seem more a like a football match than a wedding. Nevertheless, the crowds were massive and people loved it. Princess Catherine and Prince William are beloved by the people as the first real modern royal couple.  The last royal wedding occurred in 2005 between Prince Charles, the heir apparent of the thrown and Prince William’s father, and Camilla Bowles, his second wife.

          Since World War II there have been many movements in England for the creation of a republic and abolition of the monarchy. While the majority of Englishmen support the monarchy, that number has been slowly decreasing, especially due to Princess Diana’s death and Prince Charles’s infidelity. However, Prince William and Kate enjoy enormous popular support and are important celebrities in the United Kingdom. Their youth, energy, and modern sensibilities are incredibly popular and truly resonate with Britons today.

          Many suggest that the throne should skip Prince Charles, who is 62 now, and instead go to his son, Prince William. This move would be greatly welcomed by the majority of the public and would serve to reinvigorate the aging Monarchy. But, for the meantime, let us all wish Prince William and Catherine Middleton a glorious wedding.


— Stuart A. Allan