A Radical Failure


Late Sunday risers awoke this afternoon to find an email from The Dartmouth Radical in their inboxes. Not ones for subtlety, the caps-lock happy editors instructed “friends, professors, staff, and any community members…” to show up with “signs and ideas” for an incipient rally:


TODAY 7/14 at 6PM at the Green!

 The Dartmouth Radical is helping to organize a Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally. Invite your friends, professors, staff, and any community members you know. Bring signs, and ideas for the rally.


While we at The Dartmouth Review are certainly not experts in assembling protests, it seems to us that our friends at The Radical would have benefited from a bit more preparation and foresight prior to announcing their plans; after all, what good is summoning the school to support a campaign whose themes and objectives will be decided upon arrival? Isn’t that kind of like passing a bill to learn what’s inside of it?


— Nicholas P. Desatnick


** Please note that an earlier version of this article was published in which it was stated that the protest did not occur. We subsequently learned that a few dozen students did assemble in front of Collis later in the evening, marched around town, and had a brief meeting on the Green at 6:45. Although Reviewers on the scene did not see or photograph any activity at the appointed time and although eyewitnesses said they too saw nothing resembling a protest, the rally appears to have occurred in a reduced capacity. We regret the error and apologize for the oversight. **